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Consultation and treatment



Your consultation with Mr Roblin is the first, but most important step in the process of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Patient care will be the priority in this decision. Mr Roblin will use his experience to give you an honest opinion on the most appropriate course of action for you. He will allow enough time as is needed in order that your individual concerns can be addressed unhurried, and all of your questions answered. An appropriate medical examination will be performed. It is very important that he understands your aims and concerns, and in most cases will arrange a second consultation before performing a procedure. This ensures that you have a full understanding of what is involved, including the procedure itself, the associated risks, the immediate postoperative period and the recovery. He may advise you that surgery is not suitable for you.


Mr Roblin will perform your surgery either in central London at the London Clinic or the London Bridge Hospitals, or in Surrey, at the New Victoria Hospital, Kingston. Each of these hospitals have a long history of treating cosmetic patients, and have nursing staff with great experience in managing patients after their operation. This ensures that your stay in hospital and the immediate aftercare, is of the highest standard, and remains as pleasant as possible.



You will be administered your general anaesthetic by a fully accredited anaesthetist who is on the specialist register, and who holds a consultant post at either St George's or St Thomas' teaching hospitals. They are very experienced and fully acquainted with the most up to date anaesthesia. They may request that pre-operative investigations (blood tests, ECG or x-rays) are undertaken prior to surgery. If required or requested, the surgery will be undertaken in a hospital with full intensive care facilities.