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Gynaecological reconstruction

Removal of a vulval or vaginal cancer may result in distortion of the vulva or labia or lead to a narrowing of the vaginal wall. For these patients reconstructive procedures will help to restore this area and give it a more natural looking appearance. Skin and fat in the adjacent groin and perineal area can be used to resurface the areas of tissue removal. Scars are hidden in the crease lines in this area to give the most natural looking appearance.

For larger cancer resections, reconstructive procedures are required to restore the cosmetic appearance of the vulva and vagina, but also importantly the function of the vagina. For this tissue is also used from the adjacent groin, but may also be used from the inside of the leg or abdomen in very large resections.

Mr Roblin now has one of the largest series of reconstruction of gynaecological cancers in the United Kingdom and works closely with the gynaecological surgeons and oncologists at Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Trust.